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Publications available from Dewar Research and this website (some in Adobe PDF format)

ManKind (2018). Numbers of persons reporting Domestic Abuse to police forces in England and Wales 2012 to 2017. ManKind Initiative, August 2018... (New download)

Parity (2018). Equal Services for All? Enquiry into DVA services provided by London Boroughs in 2016/17. March 2018...

Dewar Research (2016). Government Statistics on Domestic Abuse. Estimated prevalence of domestic abuse. England and Wales 1995-2014/15. March 2016.

Parity (2015). Persons reporting domestic abuse to police. Forces in England and Wales 2012 and 2013. March 2015.

George, Malcolm J. (2012). Conflict tactics - European Results. Dewar Research, September 2013.

Yarwood, J D (2012). Domestic Violence Protection Notices and Orders. Trial in three police areas in England, 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012. Appraisal of Results. Dewar Research, October 2012.

Josolyne, Dr Simon (2011). Men’s experiences of violence and abuse from a female intimate partner. Doctoral research thesis, University of East London. October 2011.

Dewar Research (2011). Domestic Violence - England and Wales 2007/08: Report on Pilot Study of data provided by 9 Police Forces. June 2011.

Malmi, Pasi (2009). Discrimination against Men. Doctoral Thesis, University of Lapland, Finland, 18 February 2009.

Dewar Research (2008). Plight of male victims of domestic violence. Dewar Research, June 2008.

Dewar Research (2008). Crime in England and Wales 2006/07: Supplementary Volume 2: Chapter 3 – Intimate Violence. Home Office Statistical Bulletin 03/08, 31 January 2008. Dewar Research, February 2008.

Dewar Research (2008). Domestic Violence. Selected media references and sources relating to male victimisation – updated to 2007. Dewar Research, February 2008.

Dewar Research (2007). Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Domestic Violence (July 2007). Submission by Dr M.J. George FRSA, September 2007.

Dewar Research (2007). Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Domestic Violence (July 2007). Submission by Dewar Research, September 2007.

Dewar Research (2007). Male victims of physical assault by intimate partners in seven English speaking western democracies. August 2007.

Dewar Research (2007). Prosecutions for Domestic Violence: England and Wales 2006-2007. June 2007.

 Dewar Research (2005). CAFCASS Consultation on Domestic Violence Assessment Policy (December 2004). Submission by Dewar Research, March 2005.

George, Malcolm J. and Yarwood, David J. (2004). Male Domestic Violence Victims Survey 2001 - Main Findings. Dewar Research, October 2004 .

Yarwood, David J. (2004). Child Homicide - Review of Statistics and Studies. Dewar Research, June 2004.

Dewar Research (2004). Partial Defences to Murder. Law Commission Consultation Paper No. 173, October 2003. Submission by Dewar Research, January 2004.

Yarwood, David J. (2003). Domestic Violence. Selected media reference sources relating to male victimisation. Dewar Research, December 2003.

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Dispatches (1998).  'Battered Men' Survey: Detailed Survey results. [A Summary of the results of this survey by the Dispatches programme highlighting the experiences of 100 male victims of domestic violence in the UK was broadcast on Channel 4 on the 7 January 1999].

Dispatches (1998). 'Battered Men' Survey: Summary of Dr Kevin Browne's Analysis of Results.

George, Malcolm J. (1998). Beyond All Help? Comments upon “Commonly Held Unhelpful Beliefs” in BMA June 1998 publication Domestic Violence: A health care issue? Dewar Research, November 1998. (Hard copy £5)

Yarwood, David J. (1998). A Critique of June 1998 BMA publication Domestic Violence: A health care issue? Dewar Research, October 1998. (Hard copy £2)

George, Malcolm J. (1994). Riding the Donkey Backwards: Men as the Unacceptable Victims of Marital Violence. The Journal of Men's Studies, Vol 3, No 2, November 1994, p137-159.

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